5 Simple Ways to Tone Your Hair Blonde

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to bleach and dye their hair at home. I also got many questions like: "How to tone blonde hair?".

Money and time restraints are often at the top of this list but often people just want to try and do it by themselves. After all, knowledge is power and why shouldn’t that extend to haircare?

Unfortunately, mistakes happen and sometimes people don’t get the results they expected.

In fact, sometimes people get results they absolutely hate and this is something that happens quite often when people try to go blonde.

There’s something about blonde hair that’s just hard to replicate and it’s not unusual to end up with brassy, yellowish hair instead of the color you were attempting to get.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this and that’s exactly why you should learn how to tone your hair.


Toning 101

We’re about to cover the ways you can tone your blonde hair but before that it’s important to know what toning is and what it will help you for.

What’s a toner?


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A toner is a kind of hair color that’s ‘barely there’ in the sense that while it has an effect on your hair, it doesn’t alter its main shade.

Tone is used to even out highlights and streaks in order to get a solid shade through your entire hair.

Think of it as foundation or BB cream for your hair. Yes, there’s some pigment there and yes, it will make your hair look different but only by masking the ‘imperfections’, making your hair look much more natural without darkening or lightening its shade.

Isn’t Dying Your Hair the Same Thing?

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Not quite. Dyes are generally more aggressive and will change the shade of your hair.

While it might seem like a good idea to cover your entire hair with the same shade of blonde in order to even it out, it’s important to understand that dye interacts differently depending on the shade of your hair so if you have highlights, brassy tones or streaks they won’t even out, they’ll just change color alongside the rest of your hair.

Now that we’ve covered that, it’s time to look at what you can do to tone your hair!

How To Tone Blonde Hair - 5 Simple Ways

#1 - Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is the secret of many blondes out there. Use this shampoo in the shower and leave it in for a few minutes in order to achieve the best results.

This shampoo should only be used a few times a week and left on for a few minutes, otherwise you might end with purplish hair.

Use color-treated shampoo and conditioners the rest of the week to ensure best results, just make sure the ones you use have no purple tones to them or else… yep, purple hair.

How to Tone Blonde Hair

#2 - Blonde Shampoo

Whether you’re a natural blonde or you’ve dyed your hair, it’s important to understand that blonde hair requires special care.

There are plenty of shampoos out there meant specifically for blondes and many of them include lightening properties that can help even out the tone of your hair.

Yes, these products are a little expensive and oftentimes can only be found at the salon but anything that’s healthy for your hair and makes it look great is a good investment so don’t be afraid of trying them out at least once!

blonde shampoo

#3 - Home Remedies

There’s an easy DIY toner that many people swear by:

The goal is to make a paste with ¼ cup of baking soda and a dash of 3% hydrogen peroxide, then applying this to wet, unwashed hair.

Leave the mixture on for 15 minutes and rinse completely before massaging white vinegar on your hair and leave it on for a while.

Yes, it smells but it’s an inexpensive way to get results.

#4 - Tone It

how to tone blonde hair

We know what you’re thinking. Saying “tone it” in a “how to tone your blonde hair” is a bit redundant but hear us out.

One of the best ways of toning your hair blonde is to simply go out and buy a toner specifically designed for this purpose.

It’s a pricey process, yes, but it’s one that’s guaranteed to give you the results you need.

Before you go out and buy toners you need to find out what’s your shade and choose your toner based on that.

This is a rather tricky process so don’t be afraid of asking the salesperson if they think you’ve chosen the right toner.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Using a color wheel, identify the color you want to remove from your hair. It can be a particularly light highlight, brassy tones or dark streaks.

2. Once you’ve identified the right shade, look at the color directly opposed to it. Got it? Alright, that’s your base.

3. Go out and find toners with that same base. If you’re trying to remove red shades then a toner with a blue or green shade will do the trick. If you’re trying to remove greenish tones then pink and violet is the way to go.

This is exactly how purple shampoo works. It neutralizes the unwanted shades by applying their direct opposite!

Once you’ve selected your toner simply follow the instructions in the packaging, as they change from brand to brand and depending on your desired results.

#5 - Professional Touch Ups

Alright, alright. Maybe this is cheating but sometimes you just need to leave the work up to professionals.

There’s a reason they had to study in order to learn how to treat hair.

Final Thought

If you’ve tried some of these solutions and haven’t achieved the desire results then bite the bullet and ask for help because the more methods you try the likelier you are to damage your hair.

These 5 methods will help you achieve the perfect blonde shade you want as well as maintain it for as long as you want it!

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Thank you very much for reading. If you have any questions or doubts don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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