From Blond to Brown: How to Successfully Dye Your Blond Hair

Blond hair is always in, but change can be fantastic. Do you know how to dye blonde hair brown?

Whether you’re bored of being blond and are looking for a small change or you’re thinking about getting an entire makeover, dying your hair brown is an excellent place to start.

After all, darkening your blond locks is easy, right?

Think again.

While it’s easy to believe that dying your blond hair brown is only a matter of using brown dye and waiting until it darkens your hair, the truth is that it takes more than.


Why you can’t go directly brown?


If you’re not a natural blond, then you got there by bleaching your hair. This process removed all natural pigment which means you’re going to have to replace that in order to get the shade of brown you want.

What you need to understand is that brunette shades have all kinds of tones to them, which gives them their rich, individual looks.

Some browns have golden and red hues while some, such as ash brown, have green and even blueish tones to them.

Because of this, simply grabbing a bottle of brown dye and applying it to your hair just won’t work and, in fact, might lead to disastrous results.

So What Can I Do to Dye My Blond Hair

Dye Your Blond Hair

What you want to do is, first, select the shade you want for your hair and then pick a lighter, warmer one.

Say, you want your hair to be ash brown, then you’re going to need natural brown as well.

For golden grown? Caramel brown is the way to go.

For natural brown? Golden brown is your color.

And so on.

Once you have your two shades (your desired one and the lighter one) then you’re good to go.

How To Dye Blonde Hair Brown

In order to dye your blonde hair brown, you’ll need the following things:

  • Latex gloves
  • Barber drape
  • ​Brush (if needed)
  • ​Mixing bowl (if needed)
  • ​Desired shade of brown
  • Lighter shade of brown

Let’s get started!

Step by Step

how to dye blonde hair brown

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair thoroughly

Remember to wash your hair with a deep cleanse shampoo before starting. This will help the dye work better on your hair.

Blow dry your hair until it’s completely dry.

Step 2: Apply the lighter shade

Follow the instructions on the box for better results and wait around 30 minutes so the dye starts acting.

Step 3: Rinse and dry

Once the dye has had time to act, it’s time to rinse it and dry it. Don’t worry about washing it, it’s not time for that.

Step 4: Time to make a decision

Now that you’ve applied the lighter shade to your hair it’s time for you to decide if you like that color or if you want to go darker.

Some people will find that their hair went brown without any hassles while others will discover reddish, even greenish tones on their hair.

Both things are normal, but if you are one of the later you should definitely use the darker dye.

Step 5: Apply the darker shade

Follow manufacture instructions and wait for around 30 minutes so you can make sure the dye is working.

Step 6: Rinse

Rinse your hair until you get rid of all the excess dye (or until the water starts running clear)

Step 7: Condition

Condition your hair using a color safe, deep conditioner. If you can, use a conditioner specifically for hair that’s just been dyed and leave it on your hair for a few minutes.

Step 8: Dry

Once the conditioner has had time to act, rinse it thoroughly from your hair and blow dry it.

If you’re worried about blow-drying your hair too much then only dry it until you’ve removed all excess wetness and then let it air dry.

We highly suggest blow drying it, though, as you’ll risk staining your clothes otherwise.

My hair is dull / uneven


If you have uneven tones or your hair looks dull and lifeless we suggest using a toner to make your hair shine and bring out a more favorable color.

You want to give your hair a rest, though, so don’t use it right away.

Keep in mind that the right shade of toner is different for every hair shade so make sure to research thoroughly before purchasing your toner.

Once you have it, follow manufacturer instructions.

Natural solutions to Dye Blond Hair Brown



There are ways to dye your blond hair brown without chemical dyes. However, these will take quite a lot of time so be prepared for that.

Henna is an excellent way of dyeing your hair without using harsh chemicals as this is an all-natural product that’s been used for generations.

As with the previous method, you’ll have to go red first so get yourself some red henna and start dyeing.

Once your hair has taken an auburn shade, which might take weeks, it’s time to start dyeing with a darker shade of henna. Adding indigo powder, which will add a dark blue pigment to the mix, will help your hair tone look darker and richer.



Believe it or not, coffee, black tea, walnuts, and even some herbs can help you gradually darken your hair.

As you can imagine, these methods take time and might not be the best choice for those who want to go brown ASAP, but if you want to gradually darken your hair (be it blond or brown) then this is the way to do it.

Thank you for reading, we hope you found this guide useful.

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