Biotin for Hair Growth: True or False?

In recent years, rumors have spread in the beauty sphere about miracle pills that help your hair grow longer, stronger and healthier while increasing the health and overall appearance of your nails and skin.

The miracle? Biotin.

Biotin is a water-soluble B complex vitamin, also known as Vitamin B7. This vitamin helps increase the levels of keratin, as well as speed up cell growth in your body.

Most over the counter biotin pills actually include a mixture of other B and A vitamins, meant to improve other deficiencies in your diet.

​What You Need to Know About Biotin Deficiency?

What You Need to Know About Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is a vitamin that we need and that we usually get through what we eat. When a person experiences a biotin deficiency their hair and nails turn brittle, as well as hair loss.

Biotin deficiency, however, is remarkably rare and most people who experience these symptoms are experiencing them as a side effect of something else.

 In that case, does taking biotin helps in any way?

The Pros of Taking Biotin

The Pros of Taking Biotin

As with any other vitamin, taking biotin can bring a number of advantages and improvements to your life. These can change from person to person but people have reported some of the following positive results.

  • ​Better Metabo​lizing of Amino Acids
    Better Metabolizing of Amino Acids

Biotin is known for producing fatty acids, as well as increasing the speed with which fats and amino acids are metabolized. This can lead to a faster cell regeneration as well as a notable improvement in digestion.

 This can also lead to an improvement in blood sugar levels, both as a way to regulate them and to keep them within acceptable levels.
  • ​Hair Growth
    Hair Growth

This is the effect most people are after when they start taking biotin and we’re happy to report that biotin does help with hair growth for most people.

Of course, results change from person to person but most people will see an improvement in their hair overall health.

People who take biotin report their hair growing faster, thicker and healthier, though some people report better results than others.

  • ​Nail Growth
    Nail Growth

​Since biotin also improves keratin production it tends to have a positive effect on your nails as well, making them faster, longer and considerably stronger, which is a godsend for women who constantly experience broken nails.

​If those things weren’t enough, biotin is very easy to find and it’s readily available in most supermarkets and nutrition supplement stores, which not only makes it a piece of cake to find but also quite affordable!

​The Cons of Taking Biotin

​The Cons of Taking Biotin

​Of course, nothing is 100% positive and biotin does have some unwanted side effects that you should consider before you start taking this supplement.

  • ​Drug Interactions
    Drug Interactions

Even though biotin is an over-the-counter supplement, it can still act against some prescriptions so it’s important to consult with your doctor before starting to take biotin.

Some meds, such as antibiotics, can lower your biotin levels which in turn can counteract the effects of taking biotin supplements in the first place and if you have a pre-existing condition it can also alter your body’s chemistry, making things worse.

 Again, consult your medic before taking this and any other supplement.
  • ​Skin Problems
    Skin Problems

Many biotin users report experiencing skin problems, such as dryness and increased breakouts. This side effect doesn’t diminish by drinking more water or by using anti-acne face washes.

In fact, most of the women who report breakouts and acne while taking biotin had to stop taking the supplement entirely and even then, their skin condition took weeks, if not months, to improve.

  • ​Constant Use
    Constant Use

As with any other supplement, you need to take biotin daily in order to see results. Skipping days, be it because you’re forgetful or you’re trying to avoid skin problems, means you won’t get the best results and, in fact, you’ll probably just be wasting money on this supplement.

​Keep in mind that biotin doesn’t work immediately and most women have to take this supplement for over a month to begin seeing positive results.
The Cons of Taking Biotin

​As you can see, for a “miracle pill” biotin does have its fair share of side effects and conditions to work properly, which explains why some women simply stop taking the supplement after a while.

So, Does Biotin Works?

Biotin for Hair Growth

As you can see, there’s no black and white answer.

Biotin works for some women, helping them get longer and thicker hair with little to no unwanted side effects but it’s not a sure thing.

Plenty of women who take biotin develop severe breakouts, some even experiencing cystic acne. Worst of all? Many of these women see absolutely no changes as far as hair length and health go.

Other women experience no changes whatsoever on their bodies and hair. Others experience an increase in body hair and nowhere else. Others experience wonderful results on their head but physical discomfort, etc.

​In short, biotin may work for you or it may not. You won’t know it until you try it but if you do decide to try biotin for hair growth, keep in mind that there are many negative side effects that you might experience so if you experience any breakouts or unexpected symptoms, stop taking the supplement to see if this improves.

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