Top 5 Best Foot Callus Remover and Reviews

Do you know what a callus is and the best foot callus remover in the market now?

A callus is a particularly thick part of your skin that develops when there’s repeated friction. This can happen on a runner’s foot, a boxer’s knuckles, a woodworker’s hands, a guitarist’s fingers and even a violinist’s chin.

While calluses are actually a form of protection they can grow and thicken with time, which leads to eventual cracking, pain and even infection which is why they should be removed, or at least thinned, from time to time.

This is twice as important for foot calluses, as those are the ones that are under constant stress, particularly if you’re a runner.

We’ve gone through a bunch of foot callus removers to give you the Top 5 Best Foot Callus Removers in the market but before we do that, let’s talk a bit more about foot calluses and the tools used to remove them.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Foot Calluses

  • DO find out what’s causing your calluses is the best way of preventing them. Usually the culprit is a particular pair of shoes but sometimes it can be walking around barefoot.
  • DO remove using a pumice stone. This process can take days but it’s the best way of doing it if you don’t have a foot callus remover. Soak your feet in warm water and them use a pumice stone to gently scrub away the callus.
  • DO wear well-fitting and comfortable footwear as well as dry, and soft socks.
  • DON’T try to cut the callus away, as this can cause injuries and infection. If you’re diabetic this is a remarkably bad idea so always use a callus remover or contact a podiatrist to do this for you.
  • DON’T cover your feet with magic creams or mysterious callus removers unless they were specifically prescribed by your doctor. Some chemicals can make calluses worse or even cause a fungal infection.
  • DON’T confuse calluses with corns. Corns are small, pointed, rugged spots that appear on our foot and causes us pain. These should never be ignored and let to grow, as they can cause further damage.

How To Choose The Best Foot Callus Remover?

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There are many different types of foot callus removers but most of them are devices built specifically to scrape the callus off in a safe and easy way.

Some foot callus removers are electrical, which makes the task much faster and easier but you’ll also find manual callus removers which tend to be more affordable. The below list will help you choose the best electric callus remover, also.

When shopping for a foot callus remover, here are three things you should take into consideration:

Ease of Use

When you purchase a foot callus remover you do it to make things easier which is why it’s important to make sure you understand how to use the machine and all its parts before you purchase it.

A professional-grade callus remover might seem like a good idea if you constantly get calluses but those tend to have functions and add-ons that make the learning curve much more pronounced so try to keep things simple, at least if it’s your first purchase.

Make sure the remover is light, portable and easy to handle in all kinds of positions, as you’ll find there’s a lot of bending and stretching to properly reach some areas of your foot.

Cost Effectiveness

As we mentioned before, some foot callus removers have more features than others which makes prices widely different between various models.

Purchasing a top-of-the-line remover with hundredths of functions you won’t use is as much of a bad idea as purchasing the cheapest, simplest model out there.

Try to find the sweet spot between quality and affordability before you make your decision. (Don’t worry, we’ve done this for you already in our review)


If you’re purchasing an electric foot callus remover, then you need to pay attention to the power as well as its source.

Does it come with more than one speed? Does it operate on batteries? What kind? Are they rechargeable or will you need to purchase batteries over and over again?

What if you have to plug it? Is the cable long enough for your needs? Is the machine powerful enough?

Always keep in mind not only the power features of the foot callus remover you’re considering but also your needs. What good does a remover that operates on batteries is if you’ll always use your remover right next to an electric socket? Why limit yourself to the length of a cable if you travel a lot?

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Decide what you need a foot callus remover for as well as how and where you’ll use it in order to choose the best one for your needs.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the best foot removers in the market, which we’ve selected and reviewed for your convenience.

Reviews of The Best Foot Callus Remover

When it comes to foot callus removers you want to make sure you can personalize how it works for you. After all, not two callus are the same so being able to change the remover to better fit your needs is a must.

This is the main characteristic of the Tip2Toe Electric Callus Remover, which comes with different attachments and programmable speeds that promises to fit your particular needs.

This remover works a lot like a dremel. You place a disk (one for hard calluses, one for soft ones) on the remover and it will spin at great speeds and will gradually remove your callus.

There’s a bit of a learning curve when using this remover since you’re going to have to try different speed / disk combinations until you find the one that works for you.

Make sure to start at the lowest speed with the soft disk and adjust things from there. Otherwise you might injure yourself by using too strong settings on an easy to remove callus.

This is a very powerful machine that needs to be treated carefully which explains why this is used by professionals.

What We Like

  • Very powerful
  • ​Has adjustable speed and strength levels
  • ​Easy to maneuver

What We Didn't Like

  • So powerful it might injure you if you’re not careful
  • Has a learning curve
  • Small margin of error, make sure to start with the lowest settings to avoid injuries

If you’re looking for something more consumer friendly that you can use on yourself then this is an excellent, and relatively affordable, option.

It has a very ergonomic design that makes it easy to use, particularly in hard to reach places such as the back of your foot and it’s quite safe to use as there are no blades or excessively strong speeds involved.

This remover is decently powerful. It will remove soft calluses without any issue but will take a couple of passes before it removes harder, more difficult calluses.

The roller needs to be changed from time to time but while this represents an occasional extra expense the rollers are easy enough to find and this way you can always have a fresh, coarse roller whenever you need one.

Plus, the refill rollers come with different levels of coarseness which means that you’ll be able to personalize your experience even if there’s not much you can do about this remover’s speed.

This remover comes in two colors (pink and blue) and comes with accessories that make cleaning and maintaining this callus remover much easier.

Talking about maintenance; this remover requires you to follow certain steps to get the best performance out of it and failing to do this might have a negative impact on the remover’s performance so make sure to follow all instructions if you purchase this model.

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • ​Powerful
  • ​Ergonomic handle
  • ​Safe to use
  • The rollers come with different levels of coarseness to give you a more individualized experience

What We Didn't Like

  • Not as powerful as it could be
  • Rollers need to be removed quite often
  • Requires constant, though simple, maintenance to work properly

If you search online for home remedies for calluses, particularly foot calluses, you’ll notice most remedies involve water one way or another.

Soaking your feet in warm water to soften your skin is amongst the first steps of any callus removing process which is why a waterproof foot callus remover is an excellent idea.

This remover has a thick, easy to grip handle and a flexible neck that can mold to the curves of your foot ensuring excellent results even in difficult situations.

Now, the water proof abilities of this particular remover are there because this is a battery operated callus remover which means that it leaves a lot to desire when it comes to power which can be a deal-breaker for some.

If you have thick, difficult to remove calluses then look elsewhere because, while comfortable, this remover won’t do much for your feet.

If, however, you have soft calluses that pop out every now and then then you should absolutely consider this model, which you’ll be able to use right after a quick soak, even right there in the shower.

What We Like

  • Portable
  • ​Waterproof
  • ​Flexible neck
  • Affordable

What We Didn't Like

  • Not particularly powerful
  • Power stops if you bend the neck too much
  • Battery runs dry rather quickly

If you’re interested in the portability of battery powered callus removers but are in dire need for powerful speeds then you should consider this callus remover by PediSoft, which uses a rechargeable battery to give you the best of both worlds.

This is a gentle yet capable foot callus remover that can remove even hard calluses in a matter of days. That’s right, days so if you’re not the patient kind then consider something that plugs on the wall.

If you don’t mind waiting a bit, then you’ll be happy to know that this is a very safe callus remover to use as it uses gentle friction to remove even stubborn hardened skin. There seems to be a security feature that stops the remover if you press it too hard against your skin but whether this is an actual security feature or just a faulty design remains to be seen.

As it is, this is a great remover for people with delicate feet who are looking for a remover they can use on a semi-daily basis to keep their feet looking their best with minimal risk of injury.

What We Like

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • ​More powerful than other battery powered foot callus removers
  • ​Comfortable to use
  • Charges quickly
  • ​Affordable

What We Didn't Like

  • Not as powerful as electric powered foot callus removers
  • Will stop if pressed too hard against your skin
  • Takes a couple of sessions to remove calluses unlike other, more powerful models

If what you’re looking for is power then the UTILYZE foot callus remover is the right tool for you!

This is a rather large, modern looking foot callus remover that promises to get rid of all calluses, even the hard to remove ones.

Despite the intimidating look this is a rather quiet machine, which is excellent if you live with other people or if you plan on using this callus remover in a professional setting.

It won’t remove calluses instantaneously but it will get the job done faster than other models and with considerably more safety than other, more aggressive ones.

That said, the abrasive roller on this one isn’t particularly large and, in fact, it looks rather small compared to the machine itself but this makes it easier to handle it as you’ll be able to position the roller exactly where you want it without much of an issue, as well as to control the pressure you apply to your feet when using them.

This roller can be used both plugged and with batteries but keep in mind that it works much, much better when it’s plugged to an electric socket.

All in all, this is a rather decent model if you’re looking for a mix of value and money.

What We Like

  • Powerful
  • ​Attractive design
  • ​Easy to grab handles
  • Rechargeable and electric

What We Didn't Like

  • Abrasive roller can be too small
  • Powerful as it might be, it won’t remove calluses in the first try
  • Considerably more powerful when connected


So, what is the best foot callus remover? 

For this list, we are picking Tip2Toe Professional Electric Callus Remover as our best foot callus remover because it's very powerful and adjustable speed level.

Have you tried any of them? Do you have another idea? Leave a comment if you have any doubts or questions.

Thanks for reading!​

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