Top 5 Excellent Deodorants for Sensitive Skin for Women and Men

It happens more than we care to talk about it: Sensitive skin makes it difficult to find a good deodorant.

Irritation, itchiness, allergic reactions and even cracking are some of the side effects normal deodorants have on sensitive skin which is why some people just don’t use them.

Luckily there are plenty of brands out there with the best deodorants for sensitive skin and we’re about to review top 5 rated in the market now.

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Things to Look for When Choosing a Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

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Before we start our review, it’s important to learn a bit more about sensitive skin, or rather, what ingredients in common deodorants can lead to irritation.

Doing this will help you reduce the risk of irritation later on and, in case you don’t like any of the products reviewed in this article, it will also help you find a deodorant you can use, even amongst those sold at the supermarket.


Aluminum is one of the most common compounds used in deodorants. It works by temporarily clogging your sweat ducts, thus keeping you from sweating.

As you can imagine, this can cause severe irritation in some people’s skin, who would do well in searching for deodorants without this compound.

If you can’t find an aluminum free deodorant, don’t fret. Aluminum sesquichlorohydrate is the gentlest form of aluminum compounds so you can probably get away with using this.


Alcohol is often used to dissolve the compounds used to create deodorants and anyone with sensitive skin can tell you that too much alcohol can irritate your skin.

Yes, alcohol dries quite fast and is the responsible for giving you that fresh feeling once you apply the deodorant but it’s not for everyone.

Alcohol is almost always present in roll-on, gels and aerosol deodorants so if you want to avoid this ingredient try to look for deodorant sticks. (Don’t forget to check the label because deodorant sticks can still have alcohol in its ingredients)


Deodorants do two things: They stop the sweat and they mask its odor.

The later is achieved thanks to the fragrances added to the deodorant, which not only help you smell good but are often the defining trait of certain brands.

Because of this, you should always look for a neutral odor deodorant or at least one without an overwhelming smell.


If you’re not familiar with parabens, don’t worry. You’re not the only one.

Parabens are a preservative that’s used in cosmetics and hygiene products, such as deodorants.

Parabens can be irritant for people with sensitive skin and, if you’ve recently shaved, parabens can irritate even those who don’t have a problem with sensitive skin.

High end deodorants and most major brands avoid using parabens for this exact reason but you should always check the label anyway. Look for ingredients that end with –paraben, such as popylparaben, or look for products that are advertised as paraben free.

Difference Between Deodorant Vs Antiperspirant

deodorant vs antiperspirant

You might use both terms interchangeably but did you know that these two are actually very different things?


Deodorant, as its name suggests, keeps odors at bay. It often uses fragrances to achieve this but some brands reduce the unpleasant sweat smell by killing the bacteria that causes it.

What deodorant doesn’t do, however, is to keep you from sweating. That’s the job of the antiperspirant.


Antiperspirants were created to keep us from sweating. They do this by blocking our sweat pores, keeping the sweat trapped inside our skin.

This, in turn, can help reduce or even eliminate unpleasant odors but whether it’s good to use antiperspirant or not remains to be unseen.

There are reliable reports that point out a link between aluminum and diseases such as breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, which is a problem because aluminum is one of the most commonly used base ingredients for antiperspirants.

Another thing you should keep in mind when it comes to antiperspirant is that our bodies sweat for a reason and, while negative side effects haven’t been proved, keeping inside our bodies something that’s meant to come out might not be the course of action.

Still, if you find yourself sweating up a storm every time you leave the house or if you simply dislike feeling yourself sweat then you should use antiperspirants, just make sure they’re natural ones.

Now that you know exactly what to look for when it comes to deodorants, it’s time to look at the top 5 best deodorants for sensitive skin in the market!

Reviews of The Best Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

We’re not gonna lie, we thought about the actor as well.

This product, aimed to men, has a gentle formula that doesn’t irritate your skin while still masking smells and reducing sweat for hours on end. The formula leaves no traces and doesn’t stain your shirts, which is always a huge plus.

This deodorant stick has a noticeable but not overpowering smell that reminds of everyday cologne. It’s expensive, yes, but it’s been thoroughly tested by dermatologists to ensure it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Not all products are perfect, though, and this one isn’t extent of some problems, the main one being that it has aluminum as an active ingredient which can cause some reactions on people that are sensitive to this ingredient.

This is a heavy duty deodorant that has the ability to keep you fresh all day long but, again, it’s quite expensive so it’s not for everyone.

What We Like

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • ​Heavy duty
  • ​Dermatologist tested
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • Smells great

What We Didn't Like

  • Uses aluminum as an active ingredient
  • Will remind you of Jack Black

If you’re a woman with sensitive skin that’s looking not only for a deodorant that doesn’t irritate but also one that reduces bacteria, then this is the deodorant for you.

This simple yet powerful product works both as a deodorant and an antiperspirant so you’ll be feeling dry and fresh all day long.

It has a sweet, sugary smell that you’re either going to hate or you’ll love and it’s completely alcohol and aluminum free, which makes it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that this product is a roll-on so it’s rather messy and we highly recommend using it a few minutes before you get dressed so it has time to dry and be absorbed by your skin. Otherwise you’ll end up with streaks on your clothes.

Fear not, once the deodorant has dried you won’t have any problem with staining, even when wearing black clothes.

As you can imagine, this is a rather expensive product and while you definitely get what you pay for, not everyone will be able to afford it on a regular basis.

That said, this works almost as well as prescription deodorants so it’s definitely worth considering.

What We Like

  • Aluminum and alcohol free
  • ​Leaves no residues
  • ​Kills bacteria

What We Didn't Like

  • Takes a while to dry after using it
  • You’re either going to love or hate the smell. There’s no in between

If you’re looking for a clinical grade unscented deodorant that can be used both by men and women with sensitive skin, then this is the product you’re looking for.

This is a solid and well-rounded deodorant with antiperspirant qualities. It will help you feel fresh and dry all day long even if you sweat a lot.

As far as price goes, this is a rather affordable product compared to prescription deodorants and its hypoallergenic properties makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin.

The stick itself is rather dry and doesn’t glide on your skin as easily as other products so keep that in mind when using it. If you’re wondering why it isn’t smooth as other deodorants, it’s because they didn’t use glycerin when making it which is another plus since glycerin can also irritate your skin.

In general, this is a very good product for people who are serious about finding a good deodorant for sensitive skin or people with severe allergies That said, keep in mind that because this deodorant lacks many ingredients commonly found in regular deodorants it won’t act like the products you’re used to.

If you can get over that, however, this is a fantastic option for you.

What We Like

  • Clinical grade
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Works both as a deodorant and antiperspirant
  • Not as expensive as prescription deodorants

What We Didn't Like

  • Hard to find
  • Doesn’t feel like regular deodorants
  • Has no smell whatsoever (this can be a plus if you like that kind of thing)

Another product for women, this is the kind of deodorant that smells so good you almost wish the smell was stronger.

This is an award winning product that’s 100% natural, safe and devoid of parabens and other irritants.

This deodorant not only works great to keep smells and sweat at bay but also helps hydrate your skin, thanks to the essential oils used to make it.

Since this is a natural product it’s not as strong as other deodorants and, in fact, you might find that you need to apply more than once if you sweat a lot.

The consistency is different to regular deodorants as it feels quite creamy and dries almost as talcum which can leave some residue on your clothes, though it’s quite easy to wash off.

If vanilla and lavender aren’t your thing, there are other scents available such as vanilla grapefruit and vanilla blackberry. Both of which offer the same benefits as the vanilla lavender scent.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic product you should consider if you’re looking for an all-natural deodorant. However, keep in mind that ‘all-natural’ products, particularly deodorants, aren’t as strong as the ones with certain chemicals so re-applying the product might be a necessity.

What We Like

  • All natural
  • ​Smells great
  • ​Hydrates your skin
  • Soft texture

What We Didn't Like

  • Not really strong
  • Only works as a deodorant

There’s a reason why Arm & Hammer has been around for so long and that’s because they’ve demonstrated, again and again, that they’re a very reliable brand.

This aluminum and paraben free deodorant works both as a deodorant, providing you natural protection from bad smells without any added fragrances as this product is completely unscented.

It’s important to remark that this isn’t an antiperspirant and won’t keep you from sweating, which means that if you want to keep smell fresh all day long there’s a good chance you’re going to have to reapply this deodorant at least once.

That said, this is precisely what makes it such a good deodorant for sensitive skin. Since it lacks antiperspirant properties it also lacks some of the chemicals used to achieve this effect, such as aluminum and zinc.

It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t leave residues, even in hot and humid weathers, which is always a plus, particularly if you wear long sleeves or shirts to work.

If the unscented version isn’t up your speed there are other scents you can try, though these may be more likely to irritate your skin than the unscented version.

What We Like

  • Zinc, aluminum and paraben free
  • ​Great for sensitive skin
  • ​Affordable
  • Keeps smells at bay

What We Didn't Like

  • ­Only deodorant, won’t prevent sweating
  • Needs to be reapplied through the day
  • Not completely natural

Final Thought

We’ve reviewed the best deodorants for sensitive skin out there and now it’s your turn to purchase them.

We hope this list helps you find the one that works for you!

So, what is the best deodorant for sensitive skin?

For this list, we are picking Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant as our best deodorant for sensitive skin because it's very great for sensitive skin and affordable.

Have you tried any of them before? Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions or experiences you’d like to share?

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